Regroup with Management Team for feedback. 12:30-2:00pm. Pain level: 9.6.
 Regroup for ‘updates on the brief’. 9:00-10:00am. Pain level:10.
 Briefing. 5:30-5:40pm. Pain level: 8.
 Regroup to discuss feedback from the account team. 5:45-6:00pm. Pain level: 5.
  Client presentation. 4:00-4:20pm. Pain level: 9.6
 Regroup with internal team. 9:00-9:30am. Pain level: 8.
 'Informal briefing for quick task’ before Christmas break. 4:15-4:30pm. Pain level: 9.
  Briefing meeting. 2:00-6:30pm. Pain level: 2.    
 Briefing on a Thursday afternoon. 5:30-6:00pm. Pain level: 8.
 Regroup on a Friday afternoon. 6:15-6:30pm. Pain level: 8.
  Client presentation over phone. 8:30-9:00am. Pain level: 9. 
  Quick regroup with AT. 5:30-5:45pm. Pain level: 5.
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